Swimming At Home Version #2 (No Pool)

Swimming At Home Version #2 (No Pool)

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Hello Everyone,

I had a few requests this past week for another set of cordz workouts to add some variation to the training. So we spent some time trying to be a little creative to keep you guys sane at home during the cordz sessions! In this package we have included

  • 3 - Cordz workouts of approximately 35 minutes in length
  • Updated dryland program (stretch and activation are the same from version #1 but core has been modified)
  • Video walk through of the workouts so you know what to work on!

Video Overview

If you have not purchased Swimming at Home Version #1 I would recommend to start with that as there are instructional videos that come with that program.

If you have any questions please let me know, at mike@swimfocused.com