Filming Tips

The better the videos, the better our analysis can be. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Be at least 1 lane away for video but not more than 3 lanes away.
****The best way to gauge if you are at the right distance away from the swimmer is can you fit the entire athlete in the field of view but not be able to fit 3 hypothetical swimmers. ****
  • Have both side and head on for both underwater and above water video.
  • Kick videos should be from the side and focusing on the legs (trunk to past toes) 
  • Videos should be roughly 20-30 seconds long

**** If you are having trouble finding a quiet time to film at your local pool there are some other options. Complete the test set and include the results but film at smaller pool such as a condo pool, gym pool, hotel pool, or even a backyard pool. Ideally these pools at a minimum 15m but some times its just impossible to film at a busy public pool.****