Remote Coaching

Why remote coaching doesn’t work

  • Remote coaching is too often based around speed and stroke counts. To a certain degree this works, however this style of coaching is missing the one key component. Individual feedback on technique. Swimming is a technique driven sport not fitness. 
    • How can someone coach you without seeing you swim at least once? I have seen many swimmers all at the 2:00/100m pace who all look completely different and need to improve different aspects of their stroke. Individual feedback is very important. 
  • Triathlon planning and coaching often if not always involves swim planning. However this swim planning, is generally lacking thought, focus and specific instruction.
    • A specific swim coach has spent considerably more time learning the sport and learning how to the teach the sport.
  • Another form of remote coaching is pre-designed workout plans. You can purchase these from a variety of sources. Often these are well thought out and designed with the best interests. The question is what one is right for you? Can you modify it to meet your needs better?

Why we need viable remote coaching options

  • People are busy; travel, work and family put time constraints on triathletes. Especially with three sports plus strength/recovery sessions there isn't always time to get to a  masters (coached) session. 
  • I am not when it was decided that all swimmers like to wake up at 4:00 AM but it is not for everyone and if you can swim at another time, why not?
    • Masters swim groups are often designed for IM workouts. 
  • Local community centers are generally not equipped to be teaching adults to swim.
    • Adults learn differently from youth and the rates of improvements are often slower.
    • Instructors or coaches are often very new and don't understand the sport well enough to be coaching. 

Our approach

  • We want to see you swim. Send us videos prior to doing anything else and we will score your stroke via our custom rubric. Even if that is all you do our rubric will point you in the right direction of what your focus should be during your swim sessions.
  • Using your lowest score from the rubric select either
    • a pre-designed workout plan for your level then incorporate the recommendations from the rubric
    • select a custom monthly coaching and speak to one of our coaches to design workouts that meet your schedule and goals…
  • After completing a pre-designed plan re-submit your videos. 
    • See your improvements
    • Find the next step and repeat