Let's talk about kicking. It is the great mystery to many of athletes. Strong legs, amazing endurance -> takes over a 1:00 to kick across the pool. If I had a nickle for every time I heard that story. 

Well kicking is simple to understand why this happens much more challenging to fix. Kicking comes down to the angle of the foot on the downward propulsive phase. 

What factors into the angle of the foot on the downward phase. 

  • Ankle Flexibility 
  • Foot Flexibility 
  • Relaxation through the leg

How can I improve these things long term

  • Stretching
  • Kicking with Fins 
  • Kicking Drills 

What can I do to help survive kick sets at practice tomorrow

  • Bend your knees more.Crazy right!?!? How many of you have heard your coach stress straight legs. Well yes straighter legs will minimize drag, especially in the swim when the speeds are higher. But during a kick set if you bend your knees slightly in the up kick, the top of your foot will face the back wall more allow for forward propulsion. It will also allow your foot to feel the water and get a mild ankle stretch.